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Video Review It creates opportunities for our clients throughout a work year to capture their best and most celebrated jobs along with their most excited customers.  There is nothing like having a customer that is willing to rave about your company on camera. In this new video digital age, you can attract new customers continuously through video review sites like Yelp, Facebook, YouTube, VouchVideo and Video Review It.

All companies have had clients impressed with their outstanding work but never find the time to go back for follow up pictures, let alone make the time to arrange a customer testimonial interview. Sadly, most companies find themselves just simply moving onto the next job. The great job that was done and customer story is often lost in time.

”Video Review it” is the first company of its kind to perform high quality customer video reviews of businesses. The Video Review It team will handle all the details by arranging interviews with your customers, collecting before and after pictures and video, and writing about the job to build content for your website. By taking the time to capture your best projects and customers, we can market your outstanding service by sharing this video and story on all the major video review sites.  This ongoing video capturing and writing about these jobs can strengthen the performance of your website by driving conversations and boosting placement.

In this new digital age, the old expression, “cash is king,” should be replaced with “content is king.” In addition to being a fantastic way to connect with an active and growing video search market, Video Review It is currently the optimal and most efficient way to build content for your website.

Text 267-221-7757 to schedule a video shoot for your next job or meet with a video strategist from Search Friendly Videos to discuss a video marketing program that will benefit your company.

Maximize Your Video Investment

Now that you have committed to a Video Review It package for a year; we have video placement and marketing programs that will help share these videos continuously on major video search platforms. From local Facebook communities and YouTube to Yelp, Google and Google Video, having a strong video marketing strategy can take your Video Review It program to the next level.

Don’t let your video investment fall by the wayside! Contact a Video Review It marketing strategist today to discuss how you can maximize your video investment. 

Call Dave at 267-221-7757.

The Video Review It Process

  • The video shoot interview is scheduled and shot at a convenient day and time with your customer
  • Before and after photos of the celebrated job are collected. The best pictures and video shots are edited into the video.
  • The completed video is placed on the Video Review It website. Video distribution pages from this site will provide additional off-site linking strength back to your website for 10 of your priority towns
  • The video is posted on additional video review sites including Yelp, Facebook, YouTube and VouchVideo.
  • A professional 350 word written description about each Video Review It job will provide content for your website video pages and marketing for your company based your contracted services.

Pricing & Plan Options

It is time to capture your best work year after year. Video Review It now offers 1 to 4-year contracts with monthly plans that can help pay for your video production over time.

Don’t let your best jobs and customers disappear!  The team at Video Review It has several options to help capture your best projects bimonthly, quarterly or semiannually.

The Video Review It service will produce 2, 4 or 6 professional customer testimonial videos based on the number of jobs you perform each year. Once the program is in place, our scheduling and management team will take care of all the details. The service is simple while you move on to the next job, we will help track customers down and provide the following services:

  • Each video review will focus on your commitment to service the project and customer. 
  • We will take the time to look at all the details by shooting and gathering the facts about the project through an interview with your customer. 

In the end, you will have a compelling video talking about your outstanding work from a satisfied customer. Best of all, your videos will be added to our Video Review It platform which advertises jobs for your company. As our Video Review it program continues to grow, customers will be seeking your business from your videos that will be featured on this video platform. 

Video Review It Plans

  1.   Basic (B) – The basic Video Review It program will provide 1 video, 350-word write up on the job, placement on Video Review It platform. The cost is $1800.00.
  1.   Semiannual (SA) – This program provides 4 videos over two years at $1400 per video.  If you have a steady workflow, we recommend doing two videos a year. Instead of paying $2800 dollars each year, we will break this cost down into a monthly payment with a two-year commitment. Your cost would be $233.33 per month for two years.  The 4 videos over two years will provide placement on all video review sites outlined above. In addition, we offer a 20% discount for a one-time upfront payment of $2240 each year.
  1.   Quarterly (Q) – This program gives you 8 videos over two years at $1200 per video.  If you are looking to advance your website content gathering strategy and grow your business, we recommend doing 4 videos per year for $4800. This program provides ongoing marketing and promotion of videos on all the local review sites outlined above in addition to video marketing from local platforms to help drive off-site linking strength from local town platforms. The cost would be $400 per month for one year or $366 per month with a 2-year commitment.  A 20% upfront payment would discount the total annual price to $3840.
  1.   Bimonthly (BM) – This program provides 6 videos per year at $1100 per video.   Making a commitment to the ongoing jobs you are doing over the year every other month is a great way to keep up with new content demands from web crawlers to your website, Producing fresh content on social media platforms and building local distribution sites for those towns in your service footprint informs neighbors that you just did work in their town.  This service includes video library management, YouTube channel management, name protection management. placement on local video marketing platforms, off-site video page building to help with targeted linking strength, and placement on review platforms. Maximize your video investment and put your company in the right place, at the right time, with the right message!  Your cost would be $550 per month for one year or $500 per month for a 2-year commitment. A 20% upfront payment would discount the total annual price from $6600 to $5280.

Additional videos will be produced at $625 per video if contracted and paid over the first year of service. All plans will qualify for discounted additional videos with a two-year commitment.   All additional videos purchased will be placed on video review sites and marketed at NO additional charge based on the original program contract.

Video Review It is supported by MyAppointmentBuddy.com service. All calls will be made by this third-party service to help coordinate video shoots with your customers for your next job. As an active member of the MAB service, you will work with a committed customer care representative that can help you with booking new jobs and appointments, recruiting labor and skilled technicians, and help troubleshoot any issues with customers. This service works in conjunction with Video Review it to seamlessly and efficiently promote and run your business.