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My Appointment Buddy

My Appointment Buddy (MAB) works with Video Review It to schedule all of the appointments needed throughout the video review process. MAB will work with the homeowner, contractor, and Video Review team to ensure that all of the necessary footage, images, and interviews are captured from the start of the reviewed project through to its completion. This service ensures that the most important stages of the job are captured at a convenient time for the homeowner.

Once a job has been selected for a Video Review It testimonial, a representative from MAB will introduce themselves to the homeowner and the contractor. The representative will work with all parties throughout the entirety of the project to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. Having a single contact point for all parties ensures there are no miscommunications and everybody knows who they should contact for queries about the project.

MAB’s main role is to ensure that the Video Review It process is as simple and convenient as possible for the homeowner and contractor!